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NPC Oregon is proud to introduce Oregon's newest IFBB Pro.. Angela Leong! Angela has had a great record of wins in Oregon competitions and decided to take it to the National level, and it paid off as Angela earned her IFBB Pro Card at the 2010 North American Championships. Congratulations to Angela and all her hard work to earn the coveted IFBB Pro Card. Look for Angela at some of the shows in Oregon and wish her well as she now has her sights on her Pro debut.

1. When and why did you decide to start competing?
My first show was Emerald Cup in 2009. I was introduced to the sport when my trainer suggested I train for one. Before officially deciding, I went to the Emerald Cup in 2008 and was in awe of the amazing physiques. Seeing the competitor’s fearlessness and confidence portrayed on stage was refreshing to me. From a spectator’s view, I found it fascinating to see them practically naked, being thoroughly examined from head to toe and rather than be intimidated, they were fearless. Seeing how the audience was so supportive, I made the decision then and there to commit to doing a competition. I knew the training and diet was going to be hard however, the biggest challenge for me was overcoming the fear of being on that stage.

2. What makes you want to go farther in the sport?
What drives me to want to continue and go farther is the opportunity to compete at a high level despite my age. Training and competing has always been a huge part of the person I have become. When my competitive tennis career came to an end, I moved on to coaching and teaching, which fulfilled me partially but not completely. Don’t get me wrong, to this day, I enjoy developing and motivating young tennis players and seeing them grow and become empowered in the game however, before being introduced to bodybuilding, I was lost. It’s been a blessing to find a new sport, which has given me the opportunity to do what I love once again. Which is, to train HARD, be DISCIPLINED for a purpose and challenge myself everyday. Not only has it filled the gap, but also it has enriched me as a tennis coach. My students get to witness what I preach to them everyday at practice, that hard work and dedication does pay off if you are patient and faithful. The results may not come immediately, but they will pay off eventually when its time. They are inspired by my discipline and know that what I say to them is real because I live it every day. I have been able to prove to them that anything is possible if you put your mind and heart into it and actually do it, no excuses!

3. What type of training do you implement during contest prep and the in the off-season?
I really don’t have an off-season. My training consists of weight training, cardio and posing. My training/cardio/diet changes every four weeks depending on where I am prior to competition. Plyometrics, sprints, supersets on specific body parts, running, track work or biking is what I do for training on or off-season. The intensity of my training varies based on how close I am to a show. I have learned that staying within 5-8 pounds of my contest weight is the best way to go because it allows me to continually improve my physique and it makes the last weeks prior to a show less stressful. The division I am in doesn’t require me to have an off-season to build more muscle. Building a lot of muscle is not the main goal in this division. With my physique, maintaining the muscle I have and tightening it up in the places that create curves is what I concentrate on. Staying lean and tight is what it’s all about. Presentation and spending time posing is VITAL in Bikini. Therefore, I train in presentation just had hard as I do in the gym.

4. What is your favorite type of dieting meals and what is your favorite type of cheat meal?
This year has been very significant for me in terms of dieting. The discipline of it never bothered me however, my diet in 2009 consisted of only chicken, broccoli or zucchini or asparagus, yams, egg whites and oatmeal every day. Over time, I found that this way of dieting was very limiting for me and it really affected my overall presentation. This typical bodybuilder diet worked when I first started competing, however, as my body changed, learned that my diet needed to change. The type of diet I was on was not working for me so I needed to make a change. Looking full, healthy, vibrant with nice hair, skin and nails is SUPER important. I was missing a lot of those qualities by the end of last year were reflected in my results in the last two shows in 2009. Taking typical multi-vitamins and minerals has made a big difference. I love all my dieting meals now… I eat all kinds of foods everyday like chicken, fish, turkey, flank steak, sweet potatoes, brown rice, spinach, carrots, strawberries, blueberries, apples, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, flax seed oil, rice cakes, oatmeal, eggs, mushrooms… The portions are small but the variety makes up for it and instead of eating 5-6 times a day, I eat 7-8 times a day. My favorite cheat is sushi!!! Although every once in a while, I do crave Papa Murphy’s Vege Delite pizza, a slice of red velvet cake and a Starbuck’s non-fat, no whip, MOCHA. YUMMY!!!!!!!!

5. Who are some of the people that have helped you along the way to get where you are now in life or in the sport?
I have truly been blessed most of my life in that God has always placed great mentors, teachers, coaches, family and friends in my path. Even being so new in this sport… I have been blessed to have great people teaching, guiding, inspiring, helping, and supporting me from the very start. Chad and Laurie Smith, Andre “BamBam” Scott and the Team Bam Bam crew… Great people like Matt Porter and Rachel Prince, Shannon Dey and Rob Rosetti and Team Bombshell, my Club Sport Oregon friends, my family and childhood friends, my tennis students and their families… my fellow competitor friends, Jaime Baird, Nathalia Melo, Vanessa Campbell, Ali Rosen, Missy Coles, Nicole Nagrani, Kristen Nagrani, and Khahn Nyugen. There are so many more. I am guessing that over time, I will continue to meet more great people in the sport.
Most importantly, my husband, Chris has really been my ROCK and biggest supporter in all of this and he’s the one that has made my journey in this sport possible and that much better.

6. Who or what inspires you to strive for more in the sport?
All the people I mentioned before… they are what inspire and drive me to want to be the best I can be. Also, the ones that have shared with me their appreciation for what I am doing… the fact that I am inspiring others to want to make a change in their lives to be healthy and active also drives me. I am so happy for the opportunity to be a good example for others… There are so many great people out there inspiring others and to be a part of that is such a privilege and honor. I don’t EVER want to mess that up. What I have discovered most since getting my PRO card is not just having obtained it, but sharing the accomplishment with those who have supported me along the way. I have discovered that it really was never necessarily the Pro-card that I truly wanted the most, but it was seeing my husband jumping up and down with the biggest smile on his face, and hearing from my coaches and trainers, family and friends say how proud they were of me that meant the most and will always mean the most to me in whatever competition I do in the future. Just because I am a PRO doesn’t mean I know everything and have made it. In fact, this is just the beginning for me and I have A LOT to learn and improve on which makes me want to work even harder.

7. What is next for you as a competitor?
What’s next for me is preparing for my pro debut, which I am thinking will be the Ft. Lauderdale Cup in November.

8. What is your favorite memory good or bad while prepping or competing?
I favorite memory was right after pre-judging at Jr. Nationals 2009. My coach Andre Scott and friend/fellow competitor Laurie Smith, came to me to ask how it felt to be in 1st call out. I did not know what they were talking about and could not remember anything that happened on that stage. This was my second show ever, and all I focused on that whole time on stage was smiling and executing my poses I trained for the past several weeks. I did not know or realize the call out process and was totally clueless. Laurie and Andre just looked at me like I was a “ditz. “ It was so funny seeing their faces looking at me and saying… “You don’t realize what you just accomplished today, do you?” I told them… “No, I don’t, I just wanted to make sure I was blowing out, smiling as big as I could, making sure my stretch side was engaged."
As I look back on it now… I realize the significance of that moment… but did not realize then and thankfully so, what a blessing it was that day. I almost got my pro-card that weekend and did not even realize it. And honestly, it really wasn’t my time. Now that I know better, I try to keep my focus on having fun and executing my presentation just like how I did on that day. I have learned that living in the moment is the best way to compete. Performance goals is what you can control, not the outcome. This is what I learned as a tennis player, what I preach to my players and what I try to live by as a physique competitor. Competing with HEART is the best way to go!

9. Any website you would like to plug, facebook, twitter, personal site, etc...
Facebook  |  |  |  Islands Tanning & Nails Tualatin  |  Club Sport Oregon  |
Hopefully I’ll be getting a website up soon. LOL!

10. Anything you would like to say to all the visitors to NPC Oregon?
Yes. Anything is possible if you put all of your heart and mind to it. No excuses… just do it! It’s the most rewarding feeling when you give it all you got no matter the outcome because you can’t control the outcome, just the performance. Be open to learning as much as you can from those in this sport. Never think you know everything… because you improve the most when you just listen and follow what your coaches tell you 110%. Enjoy the journey because in this sport, that’s what its all about.




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