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As an active father of four and devoted husband, Oddis finds plenty of time to train and stay in shape. Because if his dedication and commitment, he has done very well in numerous shows including a win at the NPC Vancouver USA Championships this past April. With a strong family behind him, we are excited to see how far Oddis can take his physique onstage.

1. When and why did you decide to start competing?
I made the decision to begin preparing for my first show in July of last year (2012).  The “why” came directly from my wife, Krystal.  She had set a goal for herself to compete in a figure competition and after months of asking me to join her, I finally gave in and decided to make the journey with her.  While on the surface it may have appeared as though I was simply supporting my wife in her endeavor, deep down I really wanted to prove to myself that I could accomplish a goal like this.  I had told myself for years that I would never have the discipline to train and eat consistently enough to walk onto the stage.  I decided it was time to push all the doubt and negative talk aside and prove to myself that I had the drive and courage to accomplish what I put my mind to.

2. What makes you want to go farther in the sport?
Right now, it is the challenge of becoming better with each competition and ultimately, the best that I can be.  With everything I have going on in my life, my motivation isn’t trophies or awards.  The harder I continue to work and the further I can improve, I am setting an example for my children to follow.  Their lesson would be that with consistent hard work and perseverance, they can always improve and become better at whatever the endeavor might be.

3. What type of training do you implement during contest prep and the in the off-season?
My off-season training is devoted to adding muscle and improving my weaker areas.  I will increase the volume of my resistance training and ease back on the cardio a bit by taking out the LISS bouts and focusing almost exclusively on HIIT.  Once contest prep begins, I dial back my resistance training volume by about 20% and begin to add in more LISS cardio bouts on top of the HIIT cardio.  I have to really concentrate on not over-training as I enjoy being in the gym doing something every day of the week.

4. What is your favorite type of dieting meals and what is your favorite type of cheat meal?
I have found that based on my personality and schedule, it is easiest and best for me to eat the same menu every day.  This way, I don’t have to do a lot of work reconfiguring calorie numbers and macros.  I stick to oats, sweet potatoes, brown rice and whole wheat grains for my carb sources.  I utilize chicken and lean beef as my main protein sources, along with protein powders and bars for snacks.  One of the best purchases I have made in the past couple years though is my Blendtec blender.  I blend and drink vegetable and fruit smoothies on a regular basis and went from never eating enough fruits and vegetables to consuming a high amount every day.  My #1 cheat meal is pizza.  I always go right for the pizza after a show…lots of meats, lots of vegetables and lots of cheese.  I could eat pizza for every meal if I could get away with it. 

5. Who are some of the people that have helped you along the way to get where you are now in life or in the sport?
The most important and vital people in my life are my wife and four children (Sierra, Memphis, Lila and Titus).  All of their love, encouragement and support allow me to really go after my goals.  I have also had a lot of help from really important people along the way.  Just sticking to the sport topic, I am a member of Dreamquest and Derek and Kiana have been wonderful and extremely helpful in my progression.  All of the team members at Dreamquest are supportive and there is really a strong feeling of camaraderie.  Casey Mitzel, the owner of Bootcamp RDFT, has also played a HUGE part in my success.  I workout with Casey 3-4 days a week and those workouts have really pushed my fitness and physique level to new heights.  RDFT is also a sponsor and that assistance and support is awesome! 

6. Who or what inspires you to strive for more in the sport?
My inspiration comes the personal challenge of this sport and the need to set a proper example for my children to follow.  While there are often dozens of other competitors on stage at any show, this sport is, at times, very personal, and I find myself often oblivious to what’s going on around me while on stage.  I feel the real competition for all of us is to battle the urge to get complacent, to slack off, to cheat, and to quit.  Every time I walk on stage, at least for that moment, I know I’ve battled all those demons and won.  The placing just doesn’t matter at that point.  I want to win that battle again and again.  I want my kids to know they can win their battles against those same demons over and over as well. 

7. What is next for you as a competitor?
I plan to continue competing in as many local shows as my schedule will allow me to.  At some time in the future though, I would enjoy the opportunity to travel and compete in a national show.  I will have to wait and see on that though…with four kids and a full-time career, time and money is always an issue.

8. What is your favorite memory good or bad while prepping or competing?
The absolute best memory so far is seeing the joy and pride on the faces of my wife and children when I received 1st place at my last show!  They were all cheering for me and just having them there; supporting me and hollering for “Daddy” made all the hard work worth it.

9. Any website you would like to plug, facebook, twitter, personal site, etc...
Everyone who knows a friend or family member who is struggling with their weight and/or health, needs to check out  My wife is an outstanding health coach and through the Take Shape For Life program, she is reaching out and helping to change the lives of so many people.  Also…check out  Best all-around workouts you are going to find anywhere!

10. Anything you would like to say to all the visitors to NPC Oregon?

This sport is awesome and I encourage everyone to at least watch a show, if not compete yourselves.  There is something about watching the embodiment of hard work, dedication, and determination that is inspiring and motivating.  Belief in yourself and faith in the process is all you need to succeed.  Philippians 4:13 – “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”




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