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One of the fastest rising stars coming out of Oregon and the Northwest is Sara Butler. We remember Sara competing in her first show which was no easy show in 2010 at the Seven Feathers Championships. Not only did she win her class, but she walked away the Overall Figure Champion! Sara has then taken her time with her trainer to perfect her body and was excited for the new Women's Physique division as she held the look they were wanting. After placing 2nd at the Emerald Cup, Sara and her trainer went back to doing what they do best and brought a Pro Caliber physique to the USA stage and walked away with a victory and an IFBB Pro Card in Women's Physique! Welcome to the IFBB Sara!

1. When and why did you decide to start competing?
In high-school, I had always done some sort of physical activity or recreational sports. Mostly those activities involved either basketball and volleyball, starting as early as my 7 grade year up to my sophomore year. I was always an active person, until my last two years of high-school. During this time, I opted not to do sports and focus on my studies, all the while eating poorly and gaining a copious amount of weight in the process.

Late December in 2007, I was just turning 18 and weighing a 180 pounds. Depressed and disappointed in myself I was eager to make a change. By the end of 2008, I had taught myself how to portion control my food and had lost 50 pounds on my own. Very happy with my results, I wanted to keep going, so I joined a gym in the early 2009. My next goal was to "tone up."

It wasn't until another year later that my trainer, Travis Danielson, approached me and asked if I had ever considered competing. Hesitant to go that direction, I told him it was a possibility but wanted to continue to reach my own personal goals first. Couple months later, I reached my goal of 18% body fat and started to coast. Not long after that I was getting pretty bored and my workouts were getting stale. I needed a new challenge. I went to Travis, told him I wanted to do a show. The 2010 Seven Feathers was coming up and it was a perfect distance away to prep for a first show. We started June 7 until October 10. I competed in women's figure at the time. After 4 months of training, my trainer and I took home an overall win. That was the start of my bodybuilding career. Taking a nobody into a respected show, competing against seasoned athletes and leaving with overall win was unheard of. I knew then, there was no going back. I was hooked.

2. What makes you want to go farther in the sport?
After my first show and how quickly I took to the sport, I wanted to keep going. The challenge I had undertook, was above and beyond my expectations. To prevail in a sport that is solely based on your own mental strength, willpower, self-drive and determination is the most empowering and rewarding experience. Its absolutely priceless. Bodybuilding has helped define me as a person, an individual, a role model, and an athlete, to many people in my life. I can't wait to keep moving forward with it. I am truly blessed to have found my love and passion in such a inspirational and respected sport.

3. What type of training do you implement during contest prep and the in the off-season?
Blood volume training year round. Closer we get to show date, we incorporate alittle more cardio mixed with some FST7. Pretty simple.

4. What is your favorite type of dieting meals and what is your favorite type of cheat meal?
High carbs have always been a main staple in my diet regiment. Ranging from 150, on a low day, to 300 on a high day. My favorite meals would have to be my pre and post workout. Pre workout typically would be a yolk with a cup of egg whites paired with a couple red potatoes. Post workout usually is a cup of Reese's pieces peanut butter cup cereal with my protein shake. My favorite cheat meal, next to my mama's "not diet friendly" cooking, I would have to say is my trainers cheesy spaghetti with a tub of peanut butter and chocolate cake!! Yum!

5. Who are some of the people that have helped you along the way to get where you are now in life or in the sport?
First people that come to mind are my parents, my 3 older sisters and my baby brother, my fellow team member and my trainer. All have played key points in my career as a bodybuilder. I couldn't have done it without them. Their love and support have helped me in my demanding journey to be so successful.

6. Who or what inspires you to strive for more in the sport?
My trainer, Travis Danielson. Travis has been my biggest inspiration. He was my founder. He had faith in me from the moment I met him, never stopped believing in me bolstered my self confidence, taught me to bring my best in everything and showed me personal value in myself. Those are traits that didn't come easy and for that I know I will always been indebted to him.

7. What is next for you as a competitor?
After the USA's, I've been contemplating my next move as a Pro. I would really like to take some time to myself and let my body recoup I've always been way more responsive when prepping for a show when I allow my body to rest. Meanwhile, focus on the business side of my career and work on promoting myself through some local sponsors. After I've got some ground work figured out my trainer and I usually evaluate what is the next best show for me.

8. What is your favorite memory good or bad while prepping or competing?
My favorite memory was after announcing my overall win at Seven feathers and bursting into tears. Later I ran off stage to find my trainer and hug it out. Very moving and memorable moment for the both of us.

My worst memory, never, ever eat a whole chili burger after a show and then fly early the next morning:( ouch.

9. Any website you would like to plug, facebook, twitter, personal site, etc...
We do have an Iron Demon website and Facebook page you can checkout. We are however, making some changes on it. But you can always Facebook me or my trainer for details.

10. Anything you would like to say to all the visitors to NPC Oregon?

Do the work!! Put your time in and sweat. There nothing more gratifying than seeing your efforts go far and be recognized for them. Whether you compete or not, your intensity and passion, will give back in the end. It is obtainable!! Never stop fighting for what you want. Go out and take it! All my thanks and God bless!!




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